My commentary in blue.

3. Perceiving the Bull

I hear the song of the nightingale.
The sun is warm, the wind is mild,
willows are green along the shore,
Here no bull can hide!
What artist can draw that massive head,
those majestic horns?

Something felt and not just seen.  All senses are engaged, but this is beyond all senses.  Something is realized.  This is when the seeker starts to understand the truth.

The bulls seem to be experienced in a cyclic manner.  We don’t progress from stage to stage one at a time and that is it.  We progress through all the stages throughout time.  There is a subtle transition between stages and when doubt is overcome, the migration to the next stage is made.

Original Comment:

When one hears the voice, one can sense its source. As soon as the six senses merge,  the gate is entered. Wherever one enters one sees the head of the bull!  This unity is like salt in water, like color in dyestuff.  The slightest thing is not apart from self.