We had our first parent teacher conference with our son’s teacher today.  He is doing great and is excelling in reading and math.  She did mention that he does hurry when he is doing his drawing or writing.  It ends up being done, but it is sloppy.  She tries to tell him to slow down and focus.  Just because there are five minutes left, that does not mean that you have to be finished then.

And I can see the same things in my life.  I often rush to finish a task, but the end result is not as shining as it could be.  And it is not that I am not capable of doing it correctly, it is that I get in a hurry and focus more on the time aspect.  I am going to try to heed her advice in my life and see if my son follows suit.  More importantly,  I have learned today that I should always take the advice of a teacher, even when she/he is not talking about me.

We watched “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” tonight.  My wife picked it out and I was hesitant at first writing it off as chicky drama just by the title.  She explained that it is about a group of retired individuals that are “outsourcing” their retirement to India.  That got me a little intrigued and I remembered that I forced her to watch “That’s My Boy” last week, so I let go and we watched it.

I ended up enjoying it not too long into it.  It is about dealing with change.  A change that is a little down the road for me, but I can identify with going through different periods of change in my life.  It also falls in line with things that I have been reading and seeing lately about adapting to change.

It had some great writing and quotes like

“If everything is not alright, then it will be alright in the end.  And if everything is not alright, then you must trust me that it is not the end.”

Ancient wisdom, but there were also some great analogies made by the characters like

“Change is like a wave.   You can be knocked down by it or dive in and come out the other side.”

I was in a meeting yesterday and we were discussing customers moving from one version of the software to the next.  And they were clinging to the old version.  ”Who moved my cheese?”  Which was an obvious reference to the story/book by the same name.  The book deals with change and being able to look for change.  Nothing is constant.  Cheese that is there one day, may be in a completely different location the next.  The good thing is that we can see the signs along the way and be prepared for and adapt to change.  If there is anything constant, it is change.