This is quite interesting.

It explores the possibility that we may run out of unique music.  He starts out by taking the digital approach and discusses how many bits can fit into a span of five minutes on a CD, which is about 211M.  All possible combinations of those bits is 2^211M.  So it is a finite number, but it is really mind boggling big.
That five minute span includes every possible audio file.  Not just music, but every possible audio file.  It contains a five minute recording of a conversation you had with your mom.  It contains all five minute conversations you didn’t have with your mom.
The estimated number of hydrogen atoms in the entire universe is 60 digits long.  The number of possible 5 minute audio files is 63M digits long.  That number is so large that your brain will pop out of your head and start talking to you.  In fact there is a five minute audio of that very event happening.