dreams and wishes. 62/365
dreams and wishes. 62/365 (Photo credit: nicole.pierce.photography ♥)

Where do I go when I sleep ?
Who dreams?
Who disappears
under those dreams
into the void?
Who returns?
Who wakes up?
Why is it always me?
Why not someone else?

Why does my history
also open its eyes
when I do?

-ashramof1 – http://ashramof1.tumblr.com/post/38212123534


Why do I have an immediate history and identity when I open my eyes? It must be possible to be born into the moment and nothing else.   And what if it is someone else that awakens from that dream, would I ever be aware of that?  I have a sense of self, but is that a false sense of self?  I assume that what I experience is a continuous stream from one moment to the next, but is that really the case?

Let’s assume that it is a new self manifesting every time I awaken from a dream.  What are the implications?  The best that I can surmise that this gives me the opportunity to look each day as a fresh start.  Any preconceptions that I may have on how the day will unfold are my own.  I can choose to see the day as a new beginning, one in which I will accomplish all of my goals.  It is a day that I can live to its fullest.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, immediately get out of bed.  Don’t lie there and think about your day.  Don’t worry about what you need to do or what you have done.  Get up.  Say to yourself that this is your day, and take it.  The neat thing is that this does not need to be only upon waking up in your bed.  Close your eyes right now.  Breathe in and out a few times until you are calm.  Now tell yourself that when you open your eyes you will see things anew, see them as they really are.  This is your world and you are awake in it.  Try it.