The Singularity Is Near

I am starting to read Ray Kurzweil‘s book “The Singularity is Near“.  He believes that there is a point within the next couple decades where non-biological thinking will exceed biological thinking.  The rate of technological change will skyrocket so quickly it will seem that change is happening at an extremely astonishing rate.  Even just looking at the past century we can plot the rate of technological change on a logarithmic scale.

Within decades of that man will begin to become one with machine.  The connection between biological and non-biological will become intimately close.  Foglets, which are nanorobots holding hands will form real world physical objects.  “I don’t really like that chair, how about a recliner?  No, in black”.  Virtual reality will form into physical reality.  Eventually we will be part of the entire Earth and start to branch out to other planets on our way to awaken the entire universe.

This is very exciting to me.  This feels like the physical manifestation of universal enlightenment.  And we all will be part of it.