If every thought has an identity related to it, why attach to one more than the other?  Why attach to one at all?  All thoughts, and thus all identities are products of past experiences predicting future events.  Since neither is happening now, they are machinations of the mind.  Fabrications.  Illusions.  Now either exists as no thought or awareness of thought.  Thought and awareness of thought cannot exist together.

Ego, and awareness of the ego, cannot co-exist.

– Eckhart Tolle

But there is still an “I”.  Even with awareness of thought there comes an observer, since there is something that is aware.  Is that awareness the universe?  The universe being aware, coming alive at one single point.  Looking at waves and freezing them into a specific pattern.  Once awareness is diverted does the observed still exist?  The observer seems to either go into the emptiness or continue on into the next thought pattern.

Yet you see the moon in your consciousness. There was no moon till it was an experience in your consciousness. Your brain is not registering pictures of the moon. It is sensing a digital on-off code of photons or waves of electricity (same thing) The collapse of wave function that creates the moon is in your consciousness (that has no location because its non local) The moon exists in consciousness—no consciousness, no moon—just a sluggishly expanding wave function in a superposition of possibilities. All happens within consciousness and nowhere else.

– Deepak Chopra

In the case of people without insight into the nature of consciousness, the mental activity is in the center of consciousness.  Every thought creates a new center, a new identification which is the ego — there is nothing else there.  We cannot talk about “one” ego but rather about a flow of conscious or semi-conscious events, being capable of operating in a relatively integrated way.  This is the function of the ego.

– Aziz Krsitof

If everything is an illusion of the mind, I keep finding myself trying to control it.  The ego folly is that it is my fabrication.  I am part of the fabrication.  My body.  My thoughts.  Everything.  I am everything.  I am no different than the rest of the illusion.  Awareness comes as the universe being cognizant of form.  Fleeting form.  The thing is that we can live our dreams, but the rate of the change is not something that we can dictate.  However, our actions can change that perceived rate of change one way or the other.  Ideally, we have to let go of thought and expectation.  We have to let that thought, that identity, that ego … die.

If, however, the Ego is constituted by such a dualistic way of thinking, it means that an Ego can die without physical death and without consciousness coming to an end.

– The Wanderling

I see a mess when I look around.  To think that I do not have the power to change that situation and mindset is laziness.  And laziness is a product of ego.  It is ego fighting.  It is ego clinging.  It is ego not wanting to die.  I can blame my family for making a mess, but I am willing to bet that if I take my own preaching, my own desire to change, they will follow suit.  Ego can die and the observer can move on.  Ego and the observer come together and then diverge.  The observer witnesses a constant cycle of birth and death.  Or no-birth and no-death.

We can speak about two centers within us, as manifested beings: one is the Witnessing Consciousness — a constant flow of presence, and the second is the moving self-conscious center of our personality.  When we see this clearly, there is no doubt that the thoughts, which are being witnessed, are simultaneously an indivisible part of Me, and it is Me who is thinking them!

– Aziz Krsitof

My youngest son likes to watch “My Big Big Friend”.  I brush it off as a very young kids show, and I am surprised and a little annoyed that he likes it so much.  Last night, while he was sick, I watched a couple episodes with him.  It is actually pretty good.  In addition to promoting creativity, it teaches the kids a lesson on a different level.  In each segment one of the kids will have a situation that they need to deal with.  The kids start imagining and create a fantasy world that is parallel to the problem that is being faced, but in a very abstract form.  The other kids play along in the “simulation” and the kid with the problem is able to understand the abstract situation and come to terms with the physical situation.  It is quite amazing.  The other kids play along so well to teach the lesson that it got me wondering if the whole simulation is just in the one child’s head.  I can’t help but run parallels to everything that I have read and written here tonight.  We are part of a simulation to learn something.  That is why we are here.  What we are here to learn is not obvious, but that does not mean that we are not already learning it.

Since when is a Bodhisattva in the business of saving illusions?  If I have a dream of seeing countless suffering people who are dying from a lack of water and food, when I wake up from this dream do I wish to go back to this dream, hoping to save them?  Of course not because the dream is an illusion.

– The Zennist

I finished Ido Lanuel’s 2baware workshop this week.  I drug the 20 days out over a few months, but that is what worked for me.  I am accepting that things unfolding as they should.  Ido’s course has been very instrumental in helping me to be more aware and more observant.  Major kudos to him for his work and effort.  Thank you!  Please checkout his site and the workshop.  The course takes about 20 minutes a day and is well worth your time.  If interested let me know, I may be able to get you a discount on the course.

You aren’t the thought, you are the one whose head it goes through.

– Ido Lanuel


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