I love it when my 6 year old son is talking about something that he is excited about. You can see the light in his eyes and the expression on his face exudes confidence that everything will turn out the way that he envisions it. Just perfect. My pessimistic side wants to prepare him for the worst. I want to let him know that things may not turn out how he likes, but I hold myself back. I keep my own thoughts at bay to not poison his mind.

And the thing is, when things turn out different than how he imagined, he doesn’t really dwell on it. He may be upset depending on what it is or he may not even remember what he had originally in mind. In either case, he bounces along with it and is no worse the wear for the lack of my pessimistic preparation.

Now to apply the same principle to my own thoughts. …to let myself free to experience the outcome without the pessimistic preparation. …to not be anxious about the event before, during, or after. …to let go of regret. …to look forward to something, but to have no expectations of it. …to learn from my son.