The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...
The unsustainable geometric progression of a classic pyramid scheme, from Securities and Exchange commission report on pyramid schemes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like I keep running into more and more of these “make money blogging” sites.  Is there anything to them or is it just a pyramid scheme?  It seems that they make money by getting you to buy kits on making money by blogging.  At some point that will dry up and the people on the bottom will be holding the bag.  The ones in the middle may do OK, and the originators make out like bandits.  There is no actual exchange of goods it is really just a redistribution of wealth.  It is a shame that schemes like this exist and prey on others like this.

I guess there is some chance here that there is some legitimacy to it, but I don’t see it based on the sites that I have run across.  They all point to the same base sales kit that they want you to purchase and I don’t see them driving traffic to other sites.  I could see some legitimate affiliate program potential, but even the list of transactions that I saw on one bloggers site was all in $25 increments which just happens to be the cost of the intro kit.

This site is a prime example of what I am talking about.  Notice the $25 payments.  The dude is making a ton of money, but at what cost.  I guess he is selling hope and people are buying it.  Some are making money and are happy.  Some lose $25 and don’t really think about it.  The real winner is the Empower network.  They are at the top of this thing.

Since posting this, I have gotten 5-6 likes that are part of this network.  There must be some spambot monitoring tags and posting likes and follows.  I would like one of these “businessmen” to come here and really talk about the legitimacy of what they are doing.  I guess ethical business practices don’t matter for those in their early 20s.  It is all about the Benjamins and making it rain and whatever the kids do these day to make money.  I guess I shouldn’t get worked up over it.  It just seems that if this type of thing were put to a good cause real change could happen.

There are a few others that have noticed this as well.  The Make Money Blogging Secret (Not a SPAM site!!)

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