Well, day 1 of Inner Engineering is done.  The session ran from 5pm to 9pm.  The session began with a video and then Sadhguru walked on stage and sat on a bench.  A small band consisting of a flute player, guitarist, drummer and singer did a song/chant.  Throughout Sadhguru was looking over making hand gestures at the technicians.  He did his hands like he was playing the flute and then a down motion indicating the flute was too loud.  He did a few others like that.  I don’t know if he was adjusting his monitors or what.  There were a lot of sound issues like that at the start like they had not done a sound check prior, but it wasn’t really distracting and Sadhguru made it entertaining.

At the start of the session Sadhguru had a few people stand-up and say their name and what they hope to get from the course.  All of them seemed to be big Sadhguru fans and were extremely excited to be in his presence.  One guy from Belgium was ready to tune it up and take it to the next level and do karate.  It was fun to listen to his excitement.  There was one fellow who said that he had a bad LSD experience when he was a kid.  He overcame it, but now he is having issues again.  He mentioned something about how the experience spiraled him into kundalini (not sure if this is correct).  He was pretty emotional about it and I hope that he gets what he needs out of the sessions.  The lady beside me was really excited.  She wanted to introduce herself and she jumped up once ready to spout out her info.  During a break she had to run up to Sadhguru to touch him and say something to him.   She was constantly and emphatically saying YES when he asked a question, almost like a church revival.  A lot of people are really moved by just being there and all those that spoke thanked him.  I really hope that everyone gets out of it what they want.  I am looking for a way to manage my emotions and not get caught up in anger.  A little enlightenment wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t know if that will be doled out here.  There seems to be a progression of seminars that you need to take including going to India.  I don’t know that I buy into all of that.

The start of the session was centered around who “I am”.  He asked a few interactive questions about “who are you?”.   “I am my job… clothes… hair… nature…”  He responded with what I thought of as typical answers for that situation.  You cannot be what you accumulate.  All true words, but I have heard this before, and I understand it.  The four main points he pulled is that I am the body, mind, emotion, and energy.  There is a yoga for each of them to enter enlightenment.  This seemed a little odd to me, but I have not followed yoga much.

He said that he would not be discussing religion and that we should not either, but then he goes into talking about the existence of God.  The main point he was trying to make through it all was that we should be able to say “I don’t know” and that leaves us open to many possibilities.  A few people actually left when he started this part of the talk.  He pointed them out and made a little fun of them.  He brought up “Who says God is love? Where does it say that?  Does it say it in the Bible?”  I was actually surprised at this as Love is one thing that is stressed elsewhere as universal.  And I was surprised that he talked about God so much when I could call the universe God.  I think he was trying to get away from a personified God, but that is not how it came across, and I see why some people left.  He then started talking about Buddha.  I was ready to leave if he started dissing the Buddha.  He used Buddha again to indicate that a firm stance on God should not be taken.  He was trying to emphasis that whatever you do not have is God.  To a man that hasn’t eaten, bread is God.  To a man that needs to go to the bathroom, that is God.  Whatever we lack is what we hold highest, peace, love, creation, understanding,….

He talked quite a bit.  He talked about a yogi 15,000 years ago that attained enlightenment and he was the first yogi.  He would sit motionless for days at a time without any needs of the body.  After 81 years he finally decided to teach and he was the first guru.  I was ready to start some of the actual “engineering”.  When he did get to the yoga session he had an assistant show us the pose, but he didn’t want us to try it yet.  Then finally he had us to the position.  He had us do a butterfly position where we stuck the soles of our feet together and then flapped our legs like wings.  And then another where we cradled our leg like a baby and rocked back and forth.  The main point is to open up the spine since the spine is the pathway to the brain.  Cut the spine and you lose touch with the body.  Some of his discussion was word for word like the video.  It was sort of like watching a movie where you had seen some of the good parts in a trailer.  We then did the Isha Kriya meditation, but instead of following him with the Aum sound, we did it with him.  I don’t know if that was intentional or not.  I preferred the way on the video since I could breathe in while he was exhaling and then I had almost enough output breath to continue the sound with the other participants on the video.  In today’s session I got off a few times.

I think that tomorrow is going to be more yoga.  For some reason, I didn’t think that there would actually be that much yoga beyond the meditation.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  He said it would be tough, so I am not sure what that means.  The end goal is to separate the self from the body and the mind.

I really want to ask some sort of question, but I am not sure what.  The main thing floating in my mind is that if each person has a different perspective, (or to use his example arguing with an owl over what is light) then what is the object that is being argued over?  What exists without any perception?  Something has to exist to make it a shared experience, so what is that.  I am not sure if that is the best way to ask it.  I am letting some of the class go by to see if that question is addressed.  Still trying to keep an open mind.

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