We started today at 8:30am.  There were a number of people late because of parking at the convention center.  The whole place is setup very odd, but I found a backdoor entrance when leaving today.  The morning started with a talk by Sadhguru.  He discussed responsibility vs. action.  If someone was dying in the back of the room would you be responsible for them?  There was a little word play in that everyone has a response to them. He questioned “is response limited or unlimited?”  Unlimited.  (More on this in a bit).  Then he questioned “Is action limited or unlimited?”  Limited.  There are an infinite number of ways that you could respond, but only a limited set of actions that you could respond with.  He said that everything is a response to something else.  This is similar to Indra’s net although he did not draw that analogy.

During the talk a few people got up to go to the bathroom.  He made a point to call them out and literally hold up the whole class while they went.  He said that he didn’t want anyone to miss a single bolt of inner engineering.  He sat there silent when one person when and then agreed to answer a question when another went.  He had called this guy out earlier for talking notes saying that he didn’t want anyone to write a scripture.  “If it could be written down should he (Sadhguru) write it?”  (I think that he has written or someone has ghost written a few books for him.)  The guy that had been called out wanted to say that he was not writing a scripture and that he just wanted to jot down some notes to help him remember.  That was still no good.  No writing.  Just be with Sadhguru.

We were then all allowed a bathroom break.  Sadhguru walked around the stage and people gathered around the edge of the stage.  I guess that this is to get a blessing.  I am not familiar with the customs.  It seemed odd, but still interesting.  And if people get something from it, then it is good.

We then did some yoga positions.  We did the butterfly position and rock your baby we learned yesterday.  Then we did a cat stretch which was in 10 parts.  Don’t ask me the real names for these moves.  The cat stretch was pretty exhausting.  I wish we had done those moves first since I was falling asleep a bit listening to him.  After that he spoke for a bit more, but I can’t remember what it was about.  Maybe I will later.

It was a vegetarian lunch which I was fine with.  A small salad, fruit, rice, vegetable korma, and bread.  I had seconds.  I hesitated at first not really knowing what that food would do to my system, but I did it anyway.  After lunch we watched a video of Sadhguru.  WTF?

The video was of him talking about what types of food that we should eat.  He compared our teeth to those of herbivores.  We are meant to chew our food more and cooked food doesn’t stay in the mouth long.  We have enzymes in our mouths that carnivores don’t have to help digest food.  Half of the food digestion should take place in the mouth.  The digestive tract of a carnivore is 3 times its body length.  An herbivore’s is 6 times as long.  Ours is 6 times as long.  It takes raw meat 72 hours to make it through our system.  Cooked meat takes 40 some hours.  Cooked vegetables takes 24 hours.  Raw vegetables take 12 hours.  Fruit takes 2 hours.  Compare that to leaving food out on the counter for that period of time.  The raw vegetables is about the same.  So no rotting on the inside.  I don’t know if all that is correct or not.  I have heard some of that before, but not really put that way.  Some of it makes sense to me, but I don’t really see myself giving up meat anytime soon.  I do plan to incorporate more fruits and vegetables as part of or in replacement of meals.

He then took it further by saying there are certain foods that are high in negative pranic (??) energy and should be avoided.  This includes garlic, onions, chilies, eggplants, and maybe a couple more.  If you drank a cup of garlic or onion juice, then you would need to have your stomach pumped.  The neutral ones are tomatoes and potatoes.  The positive ones are all nuts and fruits.  OK.  Fine.  Whatever.  Next Sadhguru’s assistant comes out and talks about these Rudrasksha beads that can be used to determine the pranic quality of food.  It will turn one way for negative, another for positive, and sway for neutral.  I almost said that you can do the same thing with a pregnant woman to determine the sex of the baby.  I didn’t, but I have played that game as a kid.  The stuff spins or sways the way you want it.  You are making subtle movements with your hand that you are not aware of.   Whatever.  There are different faced beads that you can buy and they mean different things.  Of course they were selling them outside.  I really don’t know what Sadhguru was doing during this time, but he had a pretty good break for himself.

We took a break and then back to the cushion for Sadhguru.  He opened the floor to questions.  The ones in my mind were “Is response really unlimited or is it limited by past experience?”  Everything that we interpret in preparation for response is based on what we have experienced in the past.  Even with you reading this now, you are relying on what you know about your computer and English.  Maybe you are even throwing in some stuff you know about me from previous posts or things you know about Sadhguru.  In any case that is in fact limiting response.  I was still nervous about asking and other people seemed to have more need for their questions.  However, another person asked this exact question.  Sadhguru didn’t understand his English since he was Asian.  He asked the question and Sadhguru had someone else “interpret” it for him.  Sadhguru focused more on saying that action is limited by the past and not response.  I think that he missed the question or was avoiding it.

He did this for another gentleman that said “I have a friend who is Christian and they have gatherings where the spirit will heal people that don’t even believe in that religion”.  Sadhguru broke this down so much that he avoided the question.  He said, “why do you call him Christian?  He is a human right, let’s break down this right now.  He is a human your friend.  He is not a dog.”  He went on like this for a while.  Then he spoke about spirits and mass healings at the beach that he had heard about.  He said that “If they are at the beach then why do they need to be healed.”  We had just watched a video clip of Sadhguru at some beach or lake where he had followers in tears at his feet from some transformative experience.  It seemed very hypocritical and honestly I think he wanted to avoid the original question since that is what he does.

We then went on to chanting Aum.  Pronouncing each of the original sounds that can be made without moving the tongue.  It was pretty neat to feel the vibrations in the body and then hear that resonating through the room.  I can see how people can get into that.  We then did some locking position pose.  We breathe in, tilt back the neck, tuck it in, pin it to our chest to enable the throat lock.  Then lock the diaphragm by pulling in the muscles.  Finally we were to enable the anal lock.  I know it is childish, but I almost lost it.  I could make my way though most of the other positions, but this one was near impossible for me.  I don’t have much of a chin, and it was hard for me to hold the diaphragm and (ahem) anal lock.

We ended the day by going through all of the positions again.  This is all working up to a grand transmission of this meditation.  This is designed to get your body in line and ready to accept it.  I am expecting a hell of a show tomorrow.  I am no longer interested in having him answer any question that I may have since I know it will be turned around and he will not answer especially if it goes against what he thinks.  However, I fully expect some people to receive the transmission and it will be very interesting.  I am still leaving myself open to this, but I am not agreeing with it as much as others.  If they can find peace or be blissed out by doing this, then I wish them the best.  This just does not seem like a path or a way to live for me.

Coming back to the hotel I saw a woman changing her tire in the parking lot.  I debated for a bit on seeing if she needed help.  I watched her for a bit and started to walk to the hotel.  After another thought I decided that I needed to at least see if she needed help.  It turns out that she had been there for two hours and no one had even offered to help her.  I told her to put her parking brake on and then put the jack closer to the wheel.  We finished changing the tire and she was appreciative.  This was better than anything that we had done today in class.  And Sadhguru hasn’t spoke about anything related to path or right way of living.  The focus has been on awareness of thought, yoga positions, and food.  The course is focused on INNER engineering, so maybe he discusses that at other times.  But he hasn’t mentioned anything related or similar to the Eight-fold path.  Most paths have something like that that indicates the proper way to live.  (ex. The Ten Commandments).  That is another thing, he keeps claiming total ignorance of the Bible saying he hasn’t read the scriptures.  I understand not front to back, but you think he would be interested in what other cultures have to say.  He is of course familiar with Hinduism, but he claims only a passing knowledge of Christianity.  This could be a show.  Not sure.  He seems pretty knowledgeable of everything else.

Anyway, overall the course has been good.  It has opened me up to yoga.  I might be interested in doing that some in a different setting.  Exercising the body in that way does seem healthy.  I also like the bit about eating better.  I just don’t know about enlightenment through yoga.  I understand aligning spiritual energies, and people down with that are less likely to do bad things.  Again, I am still trying to stay as open as I can.  Very full day tomorrow.  Starts at 7:30 am and it is going to be outside.  He said to bring family and friends for the first bit.  They need to leave after that, and we will go back inside.  I think it goes until 8 pm.

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