Everything is linked in a tight cosmic dance that depends on every particle being exactly where it is at this moment.  The wind blows and a car moves down the street at a slow pace.  I push buttons on a keyboard made in a factory thousands of miles a way.  We see light in the sky that dates back to the beginning of our conception of time.  Or maybe it is all meaningless random bits and we are all individually ego driven.

I keep coming back to quantum theory as a possible explanation of reality.  Sir Roger Penrose’s theories on the quantum mind posit that the physical world itself holds no clues to consciousness.  Is consciousness in our thoughts or is it in some quantum processing that is currently going on without our awareness?  What is something until it is observed?  Schrodinger’s cat is both alive and dead until the box is opened and the cat suddenly exists in that state.   If observation causes collapse of a wave into a definite state then what exists in non-observation?  Everything exists in a state of potential waiting to be observed.  The observation forms a matrix of information that we then process as our reality.

The reason is that quantum mechanics requires interpretation before it describes the experience of an observer. While particles and fields are described by a wavefunction, the results of observations are described by classical information which tells you the result. The information about observations is not in the wavefunction, but is additional random data. The wavefunction gives only the probability of getting different outcomes, and it turns into a classical probability only during the act of measurement, when its magnitude squared gives a probability for different outcomes

The Quantum Mind-Body Problem

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I sort of equate this to a television or monitor.  Each pixel exists in a non-state until the TV is turned on and it is set to a given state.  It is told to be Red or Green or Blue to render a certain image.  All of the pixels on the screen work in unison to produce an image that makes sense to our brains.  Freeze all of the pixels in a given state and the image is paused.  As the pixels change states, we perceive motion when they exist in a state that we expect.  If the pixels are not in the right state for that image, then we may see noise or distortions.

All matter that we perceive is at its base level comprised of bits or particles that can exist in a finite set of states.  That exact set of states gives us the perception of reality.  Those particles form an image of reality.  As those particles change states, reality flows.  When that screen or matrix of particles makes sense, we see a clear image.  When there is a discrepancy between our expectations and that matrix then we see noise.  The more that we can drop our expectations of what the moment should be, the more the picture comes into focus and the noise drops away.

We can focus the image by dropping our expectations and accepting the moment.  The image may still flash and blip, but we are on our path to reducing the noise.  Every thought that you have of yourself in the past is just a thought and it is not happening now.  Likewise the future is just a projection based on how you see your current reality.  The more that you attach to a future or past form, the more rigid you make your current moment.  Release those forms and free reality.