Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

All possible futures

From all possible pasts

Each moment dies

Each moment I die

A break in consciousness

Adrift on a thought through past and future

I am pulled back to this now

While I was gone my body remained

Am I returning to the same body?

To the same situation?

Gradual change is difficult to realize

It can be mistaken for no change

But when taken all at once

It represents a total shift in consciousness

A new perspective

Assume nothing from the perceived past

Expect nothing from the imagined future

The point exists on its own

Without tether in any direction

A whole bubble existing on its own

A bubble the size of the entire known universe

At that given moment

A slice in time across the cosmos

Floating on its own

How is that possible?

All slices, points, bubbles existing on their own

Without tie to anything else

And this is one

And we are here

Experiencing the bubble