I had a realization this morning that I habitually put things off until the very last minute.  I have an idea in my head, so no matter the deadline I always end up putting the same amount of time towards solving the problem.  This is not an issue per se unless the problem takes longer to solve than I allocated.  This approach assumes that all problems conform to my prior expectation without room for failure.  Luckily, I am pretty decent at estimating the time, but even when I am spot on, it still ends up feeling like a crunch.  I feel that this is ultimately limiting me and that I need to start when I start and not wait until the last minute to start.  I have known this before, but it seems a little more meaningful this morning.  If I start action at the start of intention instead of at the end that will allow me the time and freedom to tackle each problem with the amount of focus that it deserves.  So this is my intent and my action to follow through with this intent starts now.