For the past year we have been fostering pit bulls awaiting adoption, their “forever home“.   My wife got us involved in this since she thought it would be a good transition after our beagle passed away.  Admittedly I was tentative about the breed since you read so much about pit bulls attacking children.  The dogs that we fostered have been very kind and attentive.  They are very affectionate, but they are pretty protective of their family.  We liked the Bruce, third dog that we fostered, so much that we decided to adopt him.

At the beginning of the year we decided to take on a foster in addition to the dog that we adopted.  Luna is an all white pit with the softest fur you have ever felt.  It was obvious that she had been abused and was used for breeding.  She was very skittish at loud noises and snapped at my wife once when she turned on the vacuum.  Despite that we decided to keep her in the hopes that she would adjust to a more steady family life.  She played well with our kids and dog, but whenever someone new came over she would get very defensive and growl.

Luna sleeping with her tongue

In March both of the dogs escaped the yard and wandered the neighborhood.  I arrived home from work and the dogs were not there and neither was my family.  i knew that my wife was taking the kids to the park, so I assumed that she had taken the dogs as well.  Not too long after being home, someone comes to the door and tells me that both dogs are at his house.  I go and get them, but I left the front door open.  They go in the back door and immediately out the front.  I go chasing after them, and my heart is in a panic.  Bruce is fine, but I worry so much about Luna and how she reacts around others.  I round them up and while bringing them back to the house a neighbor tells me that Luna bit another dog.  I find out later that it is not that serious and nothing ever comes of it.

That incident was my breaking point with Luna.  I know she is a good dog and is just being protective of the family, but if we can’t get her aggression under control then we can no longer foster her.  Through the pit bull foundation we are able to get hooked up with a professional trainer that is semi-willing to take her for aggression training.  The training should last only one week, but that one week turns into two and then into three.  And that is where we are now.

Luna getting hugs

The trainer and the pit bull foundation have decided that she is a threat and they cannot train her.  The decision is to put her to sleep.  This is a shame to me since we have never had to put a dog to sleep without it being old or sick.  However, at the same time I feel that her threat to a person is too great to risk.  We certainly cannot control her if a professional trainer cannot.

So she was put to sleep this morning.  My wife went to be with her.  I am glad that she was willing and able to do this.  She said that Luna was happy and was not aggressive at all during the process.  It is really sad since this is something that the animal could not control. She was bred to fight.  She was abused.  Nature and nurture were not on her side.

I feel that how we die is how we carry on to the next whatever.  My hope is that she was happy enough and caring enough for her to move on to something much better than the shit life card that she was dealt.  I believe in entropy.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  I wish for her positive energy to be gathered and manifested into a positive being and her negative to be evaporated into the arms of the universe to be reclaimed and renewed.

It is hard not to draw parallels to humans.  Are some people just born bad, the result of genetics gone haywire?  This has to be the case.  I guess the extreme of those that cannot control their actions do get put to sleep.  It seems horrible to say, but hopefully that is before they are able to pollute the gene pool.  But really, how responsible are we for our actions if this chemical soup of a brain is defective?  It almost seems like some huge genetic algorithm at play.  A few mutations are thrown in here and there and we go through a process of weeding out and selecting the best of breed.  Darwinism at its finest.

Whatever purpose Luna (or the rest of us play here), I hope that it is worth it.  If there is something checking the results of this experiment, I hope they get some valuable data.  Maybe we are the ones in charge of the scenario.  Maybe it is all random or we have been abandoned to our own recognizance.  Maybe the observed is the observer.  Maybe one day we will all go to our forever home.

Luna waiting to pick up kids from school