When leaving a restaurant from having dinner with one of my friends I was approached by a man exiting his van.  He said that he and his family were stranded there from a city a hundred miles from here.  The only cash that I had in my wallet was a fifty that I was saving for emergencies.  I told the man that I did not have any cash since I didn’t want to give him the fifty.  I feel bad about this in hindsight.   I have enough money where I could have given him this or better yet taken him to a hotel and paid for it on the spot.  Yet I did not do this.  And honestly, it is eating me up a little because I feel like I wasn’t charitable when I could have been.

This man’s life is no different than if I had never went to the restaurant or even if I came out a few minutes earlier or later.  But there we were.  Our paths crossed and my reaction was to not give him any money because I deemed the money I had to be to much to give to him.  I am sure that he and his family made it through the night and are on their way without me, but I still can’t help but think about the possible positive impact that I could have had on his situation and I chose to close up.  All I can do is forgive myself and allow myself to be open for the next situation.