If we are a simulation, then we must be a recursive function, a fractal.  With each iteration, the fractal animates.  The iterations extend forward and backwards through infinity.  A given iteration in the fractal represents a specific point in time, the collapsed state of everything.  Every unique particle existing in a specified state to form matter, light, reality.  Each step represents a quantum frame of information, and the movement of the steps flips through the frames and animates reality.

In mathematicsiterated function systems or IFSs are a method of constructing fractals; the resulting constructions are always self-similar.

IFS fractals, as they are normally called, can be of any number of dimensions, but are commonly computed and drawn in 2D. The fractal is made up of the union of several copies of itself, each copy being transformed by a function (hence “function system”). The canonical example is the Sierpinski gasket also called the Sierpinski triangle. The functions are normally contractive which means they bring points closer together and make shapes smaller. Hence the shape of an IFS fractal is made up of several possibly-overlapping smaller copies of itself, each of which is also made up of copies of itself, ad infinitum. This is the source of its self-similar fractal nature.

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If you know the iteration number of a fractal and its algorithm, you can generate the complete state of the fractal at that given point in “time”.  If you know the fractal seed, then you know the entire fractal.  What is the fractal seed, the algorithm, for the universe?  

Is the seed of the fractal the seed of the thought that spawned reality?  If the wave function collapsing represents the specific state of the universe, what about the unobserved universe?  It must still exist as a wave function.  A wave function going through a fractal algorithm.  The value of the wave representing the iteration of the fractal.


In the video above, we appear to rotate around the fractal.  That is just a specific iteration in the fractal.  Are the iterations accessed sequentially?  Assuming life is a fractal, there are obvious breaks in consciousness.  When we dream, the conscious cycle is broken.  A new reality appears.  This is NOT the next sequential step in the algorithm of our day.  I do question is it the same fractal or another one that is picked up.  The video represents a 3D fractal on a 2D plane (the video screen).  What does a 4D fractal extending into a 3D space look like?  Would it extend the sequence of existing fractals or create new ones?

I think the answer is both.  A 3D sphere extending into a 2D plane would look like an increasing and then decreasing set of circles until it was gone.  If a new 3D shape is inserted, then it will have a different shape and have a different algorithm for what that 3D movement through the 2D space would look like.  Soooo, a 4D object extending into a 3D space has a specific algorithm for what that 3D shape will look like as the 4D object rotates through it.

“The fourth dimension, just like any other spacial dimension it is made up of two opposing directions, but we 3D creatures only experience it in one of those directions. Why is that? It is because you and I are made of 3D molecules and we derive our energy from chemical reactions that move in one direction only.”

My notes on the higher dimensions from the video.

  • 4th – The 3rd dimension through both directions of the time dimension; this represents a possible causality;  This is us.  Me and you.  Right now.  That given state is a single frame of the universe in time



  • 5th – Contains Everettt’s many worlds;  All possibilities; Note: we can observe one dimension while being unaware of our movement in another (ex: flatlander moving on Mobius strip);  We appear to move in the arrow of time, but we are actually twisting and turning in the dimension above;  It feels like we are moving in a straight line of time in the 4th dimension, but we are actually moving through a series of possibilities in the 5th dimension
  • Our movement in the fifth dimension:

Screenshot from 2013-07-20 10:04:23

  • We move through the 5th dimension one planck frame at a time; The 5th dimension is curled up at the planck length because that is how it appears to us; Everett was clear that causality could not be violated as we observe one outcome or the other;  There is zero probability that we can exist in a world where Michael Jackson is still alive (he died remember), but the many world’s theory says that is a possibility;
    • To get there, we would have to fold 5th dimensional space through the 6th dimension.  To overcome logical impossibilities, we have to move as the 5th dimension within the 6th
  • 6th – All possible causalities including our causality; this is a phase space, all possible states of a system are represented, with each possible state of the system corresponding one unique point in a phase space; Those impossible dimensions where Michael Jackson is alive are inaccessible from our point in the 5th dimension,  but they still exist in the 6th dimensional phase space
    • How do you move in the 5th dimension?  How do you fold the fifth dimension and overcome logical impossibilities
    • It would have to first come as realization of the 5th dimensional self
    • And first as realization of the 4th dimensional self within the 5th dimension
    • Realization that we are moving constantly through a series of possibilities and choosing which one
    • Which experience to have
    • Which action to take
    • It is all a series of choices
    • But the realization is that there is no choice
    • It is all the same
    • All choices represent all possibilities based upon a specific lineage
    • A specific linking
    • A causality
    • The causality is the folding of the 4th dimension
    • The 4th dimension we experience is now without choices
    • It exists until the next choice and the next folding
    • The 5th dimension is the movement of the choices that caused the collapse of the 4th dimension
    • Where a 4th dimension object may represent the collapse of one causality
    • The 5th dimension represents the collapse of all causalities of all causalities
    • At the planck length quantum laws apply
    • Existing as everything until observed
    • The universe is made out of these things that are infinitesimally small that represent all possibilities
  • 7th – All possible outcomes; Single timeless, everything; Infinity; “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.Albert Einstein; Infinity based on variable constants (speed of light, gravity, planck length, …)
  • 8th – Other different infinities;  Different initial conditions from our own big bang;  Different gravities, speed of light, Planck Length; phase space of all possible phase spaces including and different than our own universe; provides degree of freedom to move to other possibilie infinities
  • 9th – Beyond physical reality; information; foam of possibilities; Everything; impossible universes only existing as concepts to selection patterns which could be the beginning of a path of a universes like ours or any other; To me these impossible universe concepts are possibly the realm of dreams; sub-pieces of reality without beginning or end, and without traditional logic of the operation of the universe (I can fly)
  • 10th – 9th dimension is a single point; Since 9th is everything, there is no way to draw a line to another 9D point because the 9D point is all 9D points

I feel like I also have to pull this in from another post.

Observing movement in the current dimension could possibly lead to an understanding of that movement through a higher dimension.  Given the algorithm of movement of a shape in the 2nd dimension, we should be able to define what the object should look like in the 3rd dimension.  I guess my big leap is that there can be an algorithm to define that movement.  It is easily understood for a simple shape like a ball.  The object does has to move in a known direction or really orthagonal to the current dimension.  A sphere dropping through a 2D plane would look different than a sphere moving from side to side.  So in order to know the higher dimensional object, we must also know the its direction and time slice as it moves through the lower dimensional plane.

All of this is pulled from my readings and observations.  I am interested in the thoughts of actual physicists to the concepts of multiple dimensions and the movement through those dimensions.  Everything here could be right or wrong, and those possibilities are represented by different points in 6th dimensional space.  🙂

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