Spinning into infinity

Losing control

External forces are not forces at all

Ripples extending outward

Coloring the surface of the pond

It is all water

Even the ripple is part of the surface

The deep calm beneath

Drops losing individuality in a whole

Show me a drop of water in a lake

It is there, but it isn’t

Words pointing in endless directions

Around and through my being

There is nothing

A wave through nothing

An existence shattered

And reformed

Identify lost

And found

And then thrown away

Why won’t it go away?

What am I clinging to?

I renounce a thousand worlds

This one holds nothing

And everything

My head throbs

As much as it is my head

Can consciousness leap from one plane to another, and remain intact?

Can the journey be experienced?

Or do we simply wake up in a new life

With the expectations of the old one?

How do I let go, realize the change, and move on?



Words have no meaning

This post means nothing

Move on

Let it go

Whatever I am thinking, it is gone

My current thoughts are your vision into my past

What is it like to ride in a time machine?