Does society guide the future based on correct concerns?  Do trends influence future technology?  What is most acceptable to the masses is the winner over sometimes a better technology.  And this expands outside of technology.  A TV show that you like has probably been cancelled before you think it should have been.  This is the majority picking something that disagrees with a small set of viewers that really like the show.  But what is best?  You obviously have your feelings about the show, and they have theirs.  Who is right?  The thing is that it is right for them, but not right for you.  We swim along nicely as long as everyone is going in the same direction, but when there is a change it is startling.  It can be you striking out on your own or the rest of the school goes the other direction.  I guess I am mixing metaphors here, but hopefully you understand what I am saying.

We are mirrors reflecting mirrors.  We see ourselves reflected back at us, but we don’t want to rob that being of their individuality, so we know that we are also a mirror reflecting back to them.  It is rather beautiful and touching when you think about it.

Technology helps us make leaps in what we accept as reality.  100 years ago no one could have ever imagined what we experience today.  Just look at the “Our Thin Little Slice” post for a look at that.  Just a short while ago there was a huge leap in what we thought was achievable.  From 100 years ago to where no one thought man could fly in a million years. Much-less be able to cross the Atlantic or go to the moon or even imagine any number of things that we think of as commonplace today.  The choice of technology is somewhat decided by trends, at least until the trend fads.  The best example for this is the dominance of Blackberry in the market, and then Apple, and now more of a leveling out to Android.  And some of this is because of the first generation nature of Android.  Apple released a finished product out of the box.  The first Android phones were more like Legos.  The question is pointless, I suppose.

Everything evens out with a little patience.  What ever happens happnens and it is useless to fight.  Go with the flow and treat each moment as standing on its own without a judgment for the past or a hope for the future.  It just is.

I still wonder if there was a certain cosmic event where everything just hit a point and turned on.  Even taking the unit of 10,000 years that represents some sort of human history, that is just in between the blood cells in a gnat.  The evolution of human life is the point where it really jumped.  We started thinking more social.  More long term.  A weak species with a brain evolves into a juggernaut force.  Exponentially increasing what we can do.  Pretty much anything that we can dream we can do.  It is so exciting for me to think about.

We sail on a vast expanse of being, ever uncertain, ever drifting. When we think to attach ourselves to any point and to fasten to it, it wavers and leaves us; and if we follow it, it eludes our grasp, slips past us, and vanishes forever. Nothing stays for us. This is our natural condition and yet most contrary to our inclination; we burn with desire to find solid ground and an ultimate sure foundation whereon to build a tower reaching to the Infinite. But our whole groundwork cracks, and the earth opens to abysses…

Blaise Pascal  – The Wager

I insert this as a transition to the next quote by Pascal, but it really speaks to the heart of what I intend with this blog.  We are forever in the middle, stuck between infinities on each side.  Floating in a vast vacuum.  If the universe is infinite, then we are are the very center of the universe.  This is where we exist.  A middle pane between worlds.

It matters not that man should have a trifle more knowledge of the universe; if he has it, he but begins a little higher, but he is always infinitely distant from the end.  In regard to the infinities, all infinities are equal, and I see no reason why we should fix our imagination on one more than another.

Blaise Pascal  – The Wager

Yeah, this is pretty much where I am at.  And then a transition to a final quote by Pascal.  All of these are of course out of context, but please feel free to read the entire work.  I did it in college, but I will admit that I did not tonight.  The links on the quotes take you to the full work.

There are three class of persons: those who have found God and serve him; those who have not found God and do diligently seek Him; and those who have not found God, and live without seeking Him.  Th first are happy and wise.  The second are unhappy, but wise.  The third are unhappy and fools.

Blaise Pascal – The Wager

And don’t get caught up in the word God.  Take it to mean anything.  A creator, force consciousness, the cosmos, life, the universe, everything.  42.  Just relate to the feeling and not the label.  We all seem to place what we want in that God spot.  And that is OK.  That is what can drive us, but it can also divide us.  That quest for meaning or actually finding it.  And maybe you have found your it, and you search no more.  Do you laugh at other people’s it?  Should you?  A little openness on everyone’s part would go a long way.  Again, no matter what you define as your it.  Religion, science, technology, philosophy, music, anything, everything, nothing.