I have been seeing a lot of videos lately for pineal gland activation.  The pineal gland is what is commonly called the third eye or the Anja Chakra.  This is essentially the center of our being.  Surprisingly this was theorized in Ancient Egypt, but I guess if you cut open enough people, you will start to see some crazy patterns.  In the video above, Infinite Waters/Ralph Smart explains that the pineal gland is actually made out of rods and cones, like your eyes.  Very interesting.

The pineal gland is responsible for our vivid, lucid dreams and really acts as a conduit to our infinite self.  Unblocking the pineal gland is key to exapnding your mind and getting in touch with what is beyond these finite trappings.  Ralph shares five techniques that he has used in his journey to unblock the gland.  This is the first video that I have seen about pineal gland de-calcification that really explains some of the actual science and reasoning for doing the decalcification.

  1. Eat only raw foods – I have heard this before, even from Sadhguru.  Sadhguru’s teachings seem very similar to pineal gland activation.  Ralph also indicates some super foods like spirulina, chlorella and parsley are good for de-calcification.  Sadhguru’s teachings were more hidden in mystery and confusion.  They actually used a bead on a necklace to determine if a food was pranic or non-pranic.  It all seems very similar to what is being talked about with the pineal gland.  There is just a layer of BS over it for some reason. They have these magic beans that you can buy.  This one is on sale for only $281.  I digress.
  2. Remove fluoride from your diet – It is in your water.  It is in toothpaste.  Use a lemon to help bring the water to a more alkaline state.  Less acidic more alkaline.
  3. Give into the darkness – Get enough sleep.  Get your cycles more in rhythm with nature.
  4. Go sun gazing – Soak in the vitamin D and get some rays on your face.  Use early morning hours when the sun is not so bright.  Wear sunscreen?  I don’t know.  Probably not.  Your call.
  5. Iodine supplements – Use em
Spirulina – It’s made from people!!! No. It is seaweed.

Check out Ralph’s video above and also check out this video for a meditation on pineal gland de-calcification.  This video also gives some background reasoning for the process.  The meditation is interesting in that it gets you to focus the center of your perception or awareness in the pineal gland.  So don’t just see with your two physical eyes, see with your Anja Chakra.

And this is a 15 minute auditory meditation.  You should wear headphones since it sends sounds from one ear to the other.  I assume this is to help you concentrate on the middle of your head.

This guy advocates thumping your head.

All in all, I don’t know.  It seems interesting and the worst that could come out of it is that you eat better and you are taking a toxin out of your body.  I guess your head could also hurt depending on how hard you thump it.  I have stopped using fluoride toothpaste, but that is as far as I have gotten.  It all seems interesting and I am all for expanding my dreams and my everyday perception.  Seems worth a shot.