Do you see yourself only when you look in a mirror?  Or do you also see yourself when you  look at everything you encounter?  Just as a mirror reflects a physical representation of how you view yourself, the world reflects your true nature.  Your immediate surroundings represent, in physical form, things that you like.  You surround yourself with things that make you happy and things that you think you need to live the life that you think you want.

analyzing mirror self-recognition
analyzing mirror self-recognition (Photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³)

Your surroundings can be neat or cluttered, also representing the state of your being.  You can take actions to change your surroundings by creating or destroying.  Your actions reflect your mind state and your reaction to those actions may represent something else entirely.  There can be a conflict between the action and the emotion related to that action.  That must surely represent that you are out of harmony with yourself (Karma).  At this point you have to step back and feel the emotion, but not judge it.  With awareness, you can change your actions.

Karma as action and reaction: if we sow goodne...
Karma as action and reaction: if we sow goodness, we will reap goodness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out in the world, how you treat or think about other people is a direct reflection on who you are.  You can see yourself in people, animals, plants, water, everything….  You may not be able to control what you see, but you can observe your reaction to what you see.

It is easy to get caught up in trying to control what you are a part of, but it is more important to view the self and the reaction to the world.  Once you can view your reactions as reactions and not the moment, then you are close to realizing the self.

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