I spend a lot of my time thinking about how I could change things if only the world were different.  If there were different conditions or if people behaved different than they do now.  The powers running countries and religions and whatever should do this so that I can do that.

But it doesn’t work like that does it?  Trying to change an external force or blaming it for our lack of action is just ridiculous.  Change comes within us first.  Instead of opposing the external forces, we can learn to work with them.  Yin and yang.  The external does not have to change for the internal to change.  Internal change produces external change, and yet both exist as they are.

P yin yang
P yin yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always felt that I am striving to be

That line that separates yin from yang.

It is a line, but not a line.

It is there formed by two forces,

but when those forces are gone,

where does the line go?

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