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As part of researching pictures and links for my last post, I ran across a YouTube audio of Greg Kuhn reading part 5 of his book Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance.  The audio was about using the law of attraction and quantum physics.  I had watched The Secret on Netflix a couple of times and I am pretty interested in manifesting more abundance.  As I said in the original post, I would like to be in a position where I can take care of my family, friends, and give back to the world.  The Secret talked about these things being possible and creating a vision board to see your success, but it never really clicked with me.  It felt more like positive thinking to bring you what you want, and I never really believed that.

Greg explains the law of attraction with principles from quantum physics.  I had never really tied the two concepts together before, but it just made sense.  Everything exists in the quantum field as potential.  The quantum field delivers exactly what we expect, which may not be in alignment with what we desire.  This is the rub.  How do we get our expectations/beliefs to align with our desires?  How do we change our beliefs?

Contacting Greg

I listened to the video series from beginning to end and checked out Greg’s site: Why Quantum Physicists… I browsed through a few posts and an audio file on the site says to challenge him.  While probably not what he was thinking, I decide to contact him through the site.  I have tried to contact a few different people either in self-empowerment or metaphysics.  I haven’t really gotten anywhere so I wasn’t expecting too much.  The next day later I got an email from Greg.

In the email, I told Greg that his approach made a lot of sense to me and that I wanted him to teach me all that he knows.  🙂  My shortcut mentality.  He called me out on that a bit, even thinking my email might be a joke since I used the Sumgai pseudonym on the email.  He couldn’t help but bring up pictures of The Three Stooges (“eahhh a wise guy”), but after looking at this blog he decided that I was legitimate in my questioning.  He did ask for specifics.

My questions run wide and deep.  “If I manifest everything, then what is everything else?”  “Is everything else a mirror of myself?”  “If I manifest reality then am I responsible for the good and horrible things that I perceived?”  Greg is quick to point out that I am not literally manifesting everything that I experience, but I do manifest my perceptions of reality.  He says that the way that we change our unique perceived version of the universe is to change our beliefs.  We don’t change our beliefs through positive thought or affirmation.  We do it a little bit at a time.

We trade a couple more emails and Greg invites me to a seminar that he is giving in Chicago.   I am going to admit, I pretty much decided to do this based on his emails to me.  I had listened to the audio of “Why Quantum Physicists Create Abundance” a couple of times and it really jived with my thoughts.  While I don’t have a ton of money, I can spend some a little frivolously throughout the year.  I thought of it as an investment.  If this guy can do what he says he can do, then I will have abundance.  I will have more money than I know what to do with.  The money it took to fly up there would be nothing in comparison to the money that I will be able to attract.  I talked with my wife, and she told me that I could go.

Why Quantum Physicists…

Greg has a series of 5 books.  I knew that I would not be able to read them all before going up to meet him.  I looked through the titles and the one that interested me the most was “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs”.  I knew that what I wanted to do was change my beliefs about money, about myself, about everything.  What I needed to know was how.

I read the introduction.  I told me that I needed to read “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail“.  (Damn.  I just wanted to read only one book 🙂 ) I decided to press on and read at least the rest of hte introduction.  It had a great story about how Greg, while renovating a house near the Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland**, came up with his idea for playing the game “Grow a Greater You”.  While eating lunch one day, he noticed a rabbit about 12 feet away.  He made it his goal to lure that rabbit to his back step while he was still sitting there.  He started giving the rabbit food at the furthest point and then each day he brought the food closer and closer until finally the rabbit was brave enough to get the food near Greg.  This process took 3 months, but Greg did it.

Often we look for shortcuts in achieving our goals.  Greg couldn’t just put the food down at the back step.  The rabbit would never get it while Greg was there.  He couldn’t even put it half-way.  The rabbit would have none of that.  He had to put at the point just a little bit further than where the rabbit was comfortable.  Then rinse and repeat the process.

There is no shortcut, but at the same time you are progressing towards your goal.  Sometimes the progression can seem so slight that you don’t even recognize that you are getting closer towards your goal.  Did the rabbit know that she was getting closer to the house?  Or did she just keep going to where the carrot was, and it wasn’t too much different than yesterday, so yeah, it must be OK.  Greg goes more into detail on this in his book.

This story convinced me that I needed to do this right.  I confirmed with Greg that he really recommends reading “… Do Not Fail”  before “… Create New Beliefs”.  Paraphrasing some of the key points:

  1. We hold our beliefs
  2. Our beliefs create our expectations
  3. Our feelings give us an indication to whether or not our beliefs and desires are in alignment
  4. We can change our beliefs by deciding to tell better stories

Throughout the book Greg gives tips on how to tell better stories.  He explains the older paradigms of classic physics and talks about their counterparts in quantum physics.  These paradigms give us new fish tanks to swim around and explore.  Inevitably they will be replaced by others, but we still have plenty of opportunity to grow with these.  By telling better, believable stories, we can “trick” our subconscious into new beliefs.  My shortcut approach is out.  I have to take baby steps.

That is it for this post.  In the next posts I will go into my trip, meeting Greg, and the seminar.

In the meantime, checkout Greg’s website:

All of his books on Amazon in Kindle and physical form.  The Kindle versions are a steal.  Only $1-3 each.

You can also listen to the YouTube reading of Why Quantum Physicists Create Abundance on YouTube.  This is part 1.

**Related to Antietam, Maryland, Greg mentioned that the book Confederates in the Attic is a good read

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