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Chicago, It’s My Kind of Town

I arrived in Chicago on Friday morning.  I had never been there before so I wanted to see the sights, and hopefully catch up with Greg after his meeting with Laura Berman.  I landed and then took the blue line metro/L/train/whatever from O’Hare to downtown.  I switched to the Orange line to get off at the Field museum.  I decided to pack light and just carry my bag around with me and check it at the museum.  I like riding the metro over the bus.  I guess it feels more predictable to me.  Google maps is also pretty nice now for transit travel.  It shows you all of the stops up to the stop that you need to get off at.  However, it doesn’t update automatically like when driving a car.


I make it to the beautiful Field Museum of Natural History.  They have a few special exhibits including 3D movies that I can choose from with my ticket purchase.  I select the 1893 World’s Fair exhibit and go to that first.  They had actual items that were in the fair, and the Field building itself was actually part of the fair grounds.  It was neat to see the items in pretty much the same shape they were in when they were first shown to the world.  Darwin had published On the Origin of the Species a few decades earlier, so there were tons of animal specimens showing the diversity of this planet.

Tesla’s alternating current (AC) beat out Edison’s direct current (DC) for lighting the fair.  This is huge.  Edison tries to say that AC is more dangerous than DC (and in some ways it is), but it allows for electricity to travel large distances without needing a substation every mile.  It also doesn’t need inches thick wiring either.  Tesla was a mad genius and one of my historical figure favorites.  He was dismissed greatly by his peers at the time and is rarely talked about now.  In an odd move he did not want royalties for his invention and so it went to Westinghouse.  Told you he was mad.

I try to pick the exhibits that I know I want to see first since I know I really only have a couple hours there before Greg pings me that he is done.  I walk around a bit and make it up to the second floor to see the evolution of the Earth exhibit.  This exhibit takes you through the formation of the planet and focuses on the evolution of life on the planet.  Along the way there are 6 mass extinction events counting the one we are in one right now.  The exhibit also includes an extremely nice dinosaur collection.  Finally, in the last little hall, the first signs of a human appears.  Millions of years of evolution and we are in this last tiny little section.  I can’t help but think of the video Our Narrow Slice from vsauce.

I end my trip to the Field with the Ancient Egypt exhibit.  The Egyptians spent a lot of time preparing themselves for the afterlife.  The mummification rituals which were at first for the Pharaohs and then became a thing that everyone does to ensure they placement in the afterlife.  I find the whole process and philosophy interesting and I would like to learn more about it.  The museum was packed and I was rushing through it a bit to really absorb too much.  They had some actual mummies there and at the start you were requested to say a prayer for the bodies throughout the exhibit.  They probably never imagined that their remains would end up in such a place.  Or maybe they did.  They achieved social immortality as much as anyone can.

I get a buzz from Greg around 2, and I am near the end of the exhibit.  I get my bag and some advice on how to make it to the Art Institute where I am going to meet Greg.  Rail, Bus and walking will all take about the same amount of time with various bits of waiting.  The rain that was called for never really materialized more than putting a dampness in the cold Chicago air, so I decide to hoof it.  Other than the jacket I picked for the trip actually being too hot, it was a nice walk.  It still felt like winter there, so the park that lined my path didn’t feel alive quite yet.

Meeting Greg

I finally make my way to the Art Institute and Greg let’s me know that he is inside.  I am sweating quite a bit from walking 1.2 miles and carrying my luggage, so I am not sure what I looked like to Greg.  🙂  We decide to go upstairs to Impressionism collection.  Greg and I pause here for a bit in front of Caillebotte’s Paris Street; Rainy Day and more or less get to know each other.  The pictures in this hall are hyper realistic and look like a picture.  The attention to detail is quite amazing.  We walk though the hall and it is amazing to be close to works of art that I had only previously seen in books.  Vincent van Gogh is one of my favorites because he gobs the paint on and you can see the passion in his brush strokes.

The AI has a large collection of the Haystack Series by Claude Monet.  Greg took this opportunity explain how we create our material world.  We discuss for a bit why we imbue certain pieces of art with value.  Why is one painting considered a masterpiece over another?  Greg describes that the artist is a medium for the creative force (call it God if you like).  The artist essentially channels the creator and manifests a physical creation that people identify with.  They recognize the creative force as it sings through them.  Or maybe they recognize that perception of the creative force since different art resonates with different people, yet the creative force fluxes through them all.  This creative force exists in more than just art and really applies to any time that we are “in the zone”.

We pause a numerous spots and talk about many esoteric topics.  I am sure that some will come up in posts by either Greg or myself, so keep an eye on our blogs.  Here are a few of the topics, I won’t go into too much detail now.  There are a few things that each of us didn’t quite see the application for yet, but nothing was dismissed on our discussions.  We aren’t flat earthers here.

  • Everything is information.  This is a major topic in Greg’s book that is coming out in the next couple of months.
  • The movie Mr. Nobody and how we define our existence by the stories that we choose to tell.  BTW, see this movie.  It is on Netflix.
  • The sphere of past and present that our mind creates around the present moment.  Only the present moment exists and our thoughts of the past and hopes for the future creates a sphere of time around us.
  • Quantum Superposition and how everything is happening now, our perspective collapses the reality that we experience.
  • The Big Bloop

After spending time in the art museum we walked from the Art Institute to Lakeshore Drive and back, about 3 miles.  Chicago has some great architecture and it was interesting to see the different styles of buildings.  We continue our discussions as we gaze at the sights and people.  In a few cases, the people were the sights.  We eat a nice sushi dinner and then make our way to the train station to travel to Libertyville.  This was a commuter train with a few stops and low speed.  It gave me a chance to rest and reflect.  What a great day of sights, thoughts, and enthralling conversations.  I am physically and mentally beat, but in a good way.

I will continue with the seminar in Libertyville in another post.

To see Greg’s story of our adventure, check out his post here.  A huge thanks to him for spending so much time with me and for a great write-up.

Also check out the rest of his website and his books on Amazon .  You can actually read them for free with a Amazon Prime membership.  If you don’t have prime, the Kindle versions are $1-3 each.  And you don’t actually need a Kindle, you can download the app.

For part one of the story, click here.

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