“When sitting alone with the mind we are sitting alone with the universe. When alone we cannot deny that everything that we are experiencing is only something that we will experience. This is something absolutely unique that will never be repeated again.”

I say some good stuff some times. You just have to weed through the crap.

Middle Pane

Yesterday in the car the kids were talking about going swimming on Sunday.  My oldest said that a lot of people go to church on Sunday, and my wife said that Catholics go on Saturday night for mass.  He then asks what is a Catholic, to which my wife replies “it is a form of religion”.   And then what is religion, and she says it is what you believe.  He doesn’t miss a beat and says “Well I believe in Santa, and the Easter Bunny.”   And it go me thinking, why isn’t there a church for Santa and the Easter Bunny?  We place them on such pedestals during the holidays and we encourage children to believe in them.  It is funny that there isn’t a full blow church dedicated to this.  Then I thought about our shopping malls.  The trees we erect, the rituals that we go through…

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