A few thoughts added to this post tonight.

How do you move in the 5th dimension? How do you fold the fifth dimension and overcome logical impossibilities
It would have to first come as realization of the 5th dimensional self
And first as realization of the 4th dimensional self within the 5th dimension
Realization that we are moving constantly through a series of possibilities and choosing which one
Which experience to have
Which action to take
It is all a series of choices
But the realization is that there is no choice
It is all the same
All choices represent all possibilities based upon a specific lineage
A specific linking
A causality
The causality is the folding of the 4th dimension
The 4th dimension we experience is now without choices
It exists until the next choice and the next folding
The 5th dimension is the movement of the choices that caused the collapse of the 4th dimension
Where a 4th dimension object may represent the collapse of one causality
The 5th dimension represents the collapse of all causalities of all causalities
At the planck length quantum laws apply
Existing as everything until observed
The universe is made out of these things that are infinitesimally small that represent all possibilities

Middle Pane

If we are a simulation, then we must be a recursive function, a fractal.  With each iteration, the fractal animates.  The iterations extend forward and backwards through infinity.  A given iteration in the fractal represents a specific point in time, the collapsed state of everything.  Every unique particle existing in a specified state to form matter, light, reality.  Each step represents a quantum frame of information, and the movement of the steps flips through the frames and animates reality.

In mathematicsiterated function systems or IFSs are a method of constructing fractals; the resulting constructions are always self-similar.

IFS fractals, as they are normally called, can be of any number of dimensions, but are commonly computed and drawn in 2D. The fractal is made up of the union of several copies of itself, each copy being transformed by a function (hence “function system”). The canonical example…

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