I don’t usually write personal posts.  Well, at leasts posts about my personal life, but I want to post something here to draw attention to it.

I have been trying to right my credit wrongs over the past few months.  One of my credit cards had a balance that I missed, and so I was charged late fees.  These late fees surmounted to more than $500.  I finally saw the notice from Bank of America, and I contacted them to see if they would refund some of the fees since I was trying to pay off my debt. They said that they could not do this because it was more than 2 payments missed.

I complained at how this was ridiculous to forgive within a 2 month time frame, but not longer.  I am trying to make good here.  The representative offered up a payment plan to get the credit in the good.  With the plan she offered, I would still accrue late fees because it was under the minimum due that month.  So with the plan I actually accrue more debt.  WTF?

I opt to pay the current minimum due since I have some free savings.  It is not ideal, but better than getting deeper.  At no point did the rep offer up a plan to reduce my debt.  The plan was to help me out by increasing my debt to them.

Forward a couple weeks… I decide that I want to setup automatic payments so that I don’t miss any more.  I do that and then I use the chat feature on the site to ask to close the account.  The rep is really slow in responding to me.  She tells me that the account is already closed.  I tell her that it does not show on my screen that the account is closed.

“Oh, after the next billing cycle you will no longer be able to access the account”

“So, how do I may payments?”

“You will have to call Bank of America at …”

Seriously?  How about some ethical banking?

It is my top priority to pay off that card, and never do business with Bank of America again.

I know that I should have done a better job at watching my cards and not getting to this point, but I am trying to right my wrong.  Bank of America did nothing to help that.

Shame on them.


I’m trying to get control of my finances.  I think that I must do that before I can open myself up to abundance.  Not worrying about money is the goal.  To do this I must put my debt into a payment plan by consolidating my and not adding to them.  I must have a strict, but reasonable monthly budget.  And I need savings to cover monthly fluctuations.

Once I stop worrying about it, I stop fearing it.  Once I stop fearing it, it stops controlling me.

Clearing Negative Beliefs About Money

Money is a form of energy.
It is completely neutral.
It has no control over me.

I am in control of how much money I wish to receive.

I am completely calm and at peace when it comes to money.

I am letting go of the belief that I have to do anything I don’t want to do in order to have enough money.

Money comes to me in easy ways, unexpected ways, and for what I truly love doing.

My birthright is to have enough money and do whatever I want with it.

Enough money will cover everything I want to buy.

I will receive enough money in ways that I’ll love.

I am attracting enough money to come to me in ways that I’ll love.