A few months ago I was contacted by someone on themiddlepane@gmail.com asking me about my experience with Isha and Sadhguru.  I did ask if it is OK if I shared the correspondence, and they said OK, but not to use their name or email.  For ease of reference, I will call my friend Jaggi.

I still get a ton of hits every day on the original post “I am not the body. I am not even the mind“.  If you Google that, my page comes up before Isha’s own pages.

August 3rd: Jaggi: Original Email

Thank you for the posts- very helpful and thought provoking. Wondering if you can address a few questions and assist me.
1. When Sadguru chants “I am not the body…”, are we to breathe following his rhythm? I find my breath wants to be twice as slow so I say one “I am not the body; I am not even the mind” for every two of his. My friend tells me I should be breathing more shallowly and more quickly.
2. I really do not like the “aw” sound, find it hard to form, loud and never feel the vibration below the belly.
3. I repeat the mantra to myself as I go through the day, whenever I am anxious. Does this count as meditation or just as “damage control”.
4. Can I find a copy of the meditation without going through your post? I am concerned you will take it down!
5. You do not explain why you were left so indifferent by the event. Had you expected too much? Was Sadhguru another manipulator of emotion, like a faith healer, a politician or a motivational speaker?
I am not looking for a holy man as much as a way to foster more positive approaches during these crazy modern times.
Thanks for your insights and time.

August 3rd: My response

Thank you for reading my posts and for your questions.  I don’t know that I am the best source to answer your questions, but I will give you my opinion and you can take it for that.

1. His instructions are to breathe in on “I am not the body” and out on “I am not even the mind”.  As with most things that are done with Isha, I think there is a reason behind it.  I don’t know that you want to breathe shallow or quick though.  It should be natural.  I usually imagine my lungs as a paper bag and fill them up from the bottom to top and let out from the top to the bottom.  I would be more comfortable with a longer pace as well, but I adapt to it.  If it works for you the way that you do it, and that is what is comfortable, then I don’t know that it is incorrect.
2. I believe the aww sound at that pitch is meant to awaken a certain chakra.  I would just keep practicing it at different volume levels trying to match the pitch.  In the Inner Engineering session he had us do different sounds, again I think to awake different chakras.
3. I think this is a good thing to do, especially if it calms you.  I do this as well.  I think daily life can be meditation.  I do still believe that if you want to seriously do this, then you should still devote time to the sitting meditation.
4.  I don’t intend to take my posts down, but you can find the video on YouTube.  Sadhguru also has a channel on YouTube where they post interviews, meditations and thoughts.  I think that he evolves his technique, so it would be good to subscribe.
5. I am not really sure why I was indifferent.  I don’t think that he is a manipulator of emotion or faith healer or politician.  I think that his talk and method was geared really towards Eastern culture.  I was in the minority in the audience being a white male.  There was nothing wrong with this, and I felt welcome there.  It is just that his approach seemed geared towards the majority of the audience there.  I think that if he were addressing a mostly Western audience, then his talk would have been different.  There were some mysticism bits that I just didn’t buy into, but I like the way he thinks and I think he speaks truth.
Overall, I respect Sadhguru, and I still listen to the meditation and watch his videos.  I think there is some part that he plays in my spiritual journey.  I wasn’t fully ready for him and his method was not fully ready for me at the point I attended.  I believe that our paths will cross again in some way, and I am open to that.  Like I said, I think he evolves his thought process and is not stuck on teaching a certain thing to a certain people.  I welcome the opportunity to meet him, if that ever occurs.
Thank you again for your questions and reading.  If it is OK, I would like to post this Q&A on my blog.  I won’t include your email or anything.

The email triggered me to look again at SG and Isha.  It never really leaves my mind, and I watch videos and read quotes every now and again.  So as I vacation I Google him some more and specifically his thoughts on Reiki as I am looking at doing this to clear my energy pathways.  This is something that I am surprised to see that SG has a strong opinion against Reiki.  I make this post about the experience.

Image result for reiki

I continue to consider the emails and SG in general.  What he says makes sense and it goes back to the thing that started this all, the Isha Kriya meditation which is the subject of the “I am not the…” post.  I do find a very interesting video on SG discussing the role of the guru and the journey. Only when you are ready to turn things over can you accept a guru.  He likens it to four phases of self discovery.

  1. Driving around you may get there by accident
  2. Driving with the assistance of a road map
  3. Driving behind someone showing you the way
  4. Riding on the bus.  But you can’t drive the bus.  You have to trust the bus driver and the scarier he is the better!

I think when I did inner engineering (IE) I was still wanting to drive.  At this point in my journey I am still not on the bus.  I either have the map or I am driving behind it.  🙂

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