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The email correspondence becomes one-sided for almost 2 months.  I wonder if I have offended Jaggi by my searches since this pins the location to India (but the domain of the email address is Canada).  I continue to send emails to document my journey, and continue to look at SG.  I find there is a local Inner Engineering course near me in a few weeks.  I contemplate going, but make excuses for time and dollar commitment.  I could have made it happen, but I didn’t.  I decide to look more at his videos and I find a series called “And Now Yoga“.  I start looking at the different sessions and trying to do one of them a day in the morning.

August 20th:  Me

I watched the Isha Kriya video again last night and I wanted to revisit your first 3 questions.

1. When Sadguru chants “I am not the body…”, are we to breathe following his rhythm? I find my breath wants to be twice as slow so I say one “I am not the body; I am not even the mind” for every two of his. My friend tells me I should be breathing more shallowly and more quickly.

At the end of the video, it says to follow the instructions directly without modification.  However, it doesn’t say anything about the duration of the breath, only that you have one thought on inhalation “I am not the body” and one thought on exhalation “I am not the mind”.

2. I really do not like the “aw” sound, find it hard to form, loud and never feel the vibration below the belly.

In the video he explains at the end the reason for the aw sound which is to awaken the Manipura chakra.  The body has 112 chakras with 2 outside the body.  The Manipura chakra is central to them all and hitting that one is like sending a viral tweet to the rest.  When he explains and makes the sound initially, I try to do it in unison with him to help me set the pitch and tone.  I have trouble hitting that spot too.  I think me losing weight would help.  🙂 I usually feel it there after the first few.

If I was disciplined, I would do the 2x a day for 48 days, but I never did that.

3. I repeat the mantra to myself as I go through the day, whenever I am anxious. Does this count as meditation or just as “damage control”.

Again, I think repeating this throughout the day, and using your breath as a tool is helpful.  I don’t think this is the actual Isha Kriya meditation though.

I have been having thoughts on outward and inward motion lately.  Watching the video again last night helped align those thoughts again.  The explanation on Kriya and Karma fit in well with those notions.  Inward and Outward movement towards the source of creation.  My tendency is to think of the body as out and the mind as in, but SG reminds me that I am neither.  Separation from the mind is the most difficult for me.

I am still considering going to the Inner Engineering Total event next week.  It is a big dollar and time commitment, but it may help.  I also saw SG is going to be iii in October.  Another time and money commitment when I don’t have too much of either.  Still I think about it.

My best

August 24th: Me

This is a good Playlist of different things Sadhguru tools. If you did not like the Isha Kriya meditation, you might find one here you like better.

Sadhguru Tools:

I find some of the exercises/meditations difficult because of blockages in my nose or I can’t get the proper movements down.  I settle on the Nada Yoga, Yoga for Joy.  We did this in the IE class, and it has you do Ahh, Ohh and Mmmm sounds 7 times each.  You feel vibrations in your navel, chest and throat respectively.  I start doing this every morning, or most every morning.  🙂

September 21st: Me

I wanted to check in and see how you are doing on your journey. I have been watching the yoga playlist below and trying to incorporate the nada yoga into my morning routine. I went through all of the ones in the playlist and decided to pick one to focus on at first. Once I feel good with doing it regularly I want to expand to the others daily.

The nada yoga does the base sound of Ahh ohh and mmmm.  This is at a longer breath than the Isha Kriya so you may like it better.

And Now Yoga!:

I still find my mind wandering while doing the yoga. I am trying to focus on the vibrations in my body from the sound. When attention drifts I try to go back to that. Hopefully that is correct.

Wishing you the best

I don’t go to the IE course, but I see that SG will be in Nashville on his book tour.  I decide to go to this event.  I commit to it, and ask my wife to go with me.  She agrees without hesitation.  🙂

September 28th: Me

I hope that I haven’t offended you by any thing and that you are doing well. I have decided to go see Sadhguru in Nashville which is just a few hours from me.  It is not the inner engineering course but he is doing a north American tour.  I think that this will be good and my wife is going with me.

I am still doing the nada yoga but I have some difficulty with pacing in time with SG in the video.  I am not sure if I should speed up or slow down my breath to match his or if I should do the yoga on my own without the video.  I may try to reach out to isha to see if they can make a recommendation.

My best to you.

When I searched for Amma, I mentioned that SG must be talking to me through Google.  I have seen a video before of him saying that he does not do that.  If you are hearing his voice then that is your imagination.  I clarify that I don’t think that he spoke to me through those searches, I was just seeing signposts. I don’t know why, but I feel that I need to make this clarificaiton.   Jaggi responds that same day wishing me well and wanting an update after the session.

October 4th: Me

I purchased Sadhguru’s book and it helps add context to what he said in the class a few years ago. Especially true on the responsibility.  That was a pet that I just did not understand in his talks.  He is saying we need to take responsibility for things in our life condition.  This is not a burdensome thing because only when we take responsibility, the ability to respond, can we take action or even inaction.  Until that point we are prisoners.

I would clarify one thing I said earlier.  I don’t think SG was speaking to me through Google searches. 🙂   it is more that his teachings have opened me to seeing certain signposts.

I am looking forward to the seminar this weekend.  I hope to have a good question I can ask to him.

October 4th: Jaggi

I am so impressed that you went to the new seminar. I know that Sadguru is touring North America and I am so sorry that I cannot attend any of the lectures. I am inundated with work and while I should be focussing on meditation, I am falling back into bad habits. Your email is going to help me wake up and focus on meditation; I do better when I do!

I hope you and your wife benefit from the seminar. My husband enjoys that I find benefit in Sadguru but he is not yet willing to learn to meditate. I hope to provide him with a good example.

Please let me know how the seminar goes.

Jaggi’s emails have been good in spurring me to reevaluate Sadhguru.  Facebook’s ad placements are also putting ads related to Inner Engineering and Isha in my timeline.  I do want to retake the Inner Engineering course, or at least the last day of the session if it is not required to do this in sequence.

I make plans for my trip to Nashville.  I am travelling for work that week and will leave from the airport to home, to my parents to drop off the kids and then on to somewhere in Tennessee.  I don’t book hotels and will just wing the stays.  I am excited and a little nervous at the prospect of seeing Sadhguru in person again.

To be continued

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