The weekend comes.  I am returning from a trip out of town that day, and we planned to drop our sons off at my parents that night.  It is around 8 when we leave my parents and start the drive to Nashville.  It is a 6+ hour drive, and I plan to stop half-way. While my wife drives, I try to find an affordable hotel, but all I can find is America’s Best, which I figure is a lower end hotel, but still decent since I get it through Priceline.

We get there and the place is disgusting.  They cannot find the reservation at first.  When they finally do, all that is available is a smoking room.  I say whatever since it is late.  We go to the room and there are bugs crawling around.  My wife pulls back the covers and sees a bug.  I don’t know what to do at this point since we paid for it.  I was dead tired and almost willing to sleep there, but my wife would not.  She looked up another hotel on her phone, and we went to the front desk.  I told them that I would not stay there because there were bugs everywhere.  He refunded the money and we left.  Even as I type this, I feel phantom bugs crawling in my hair.

We started to drive around to hotels and start seeing signs that they are full.  What I didn’t event think about is that due to Hurricane Andrew coming to the east coast, all hotel rooms in the area are taken.  The only thing I can think to do is start driving west since rooms should start to become available the closer that I get to Nashville.  We stop at a Super 8 in a city 10 miles out.  When we pulled up the guy was asleep in the lobby playing video games.  I think he was embarrassed, but he offered me a cup of coffee.  He then offers to call a few hotels further west.  He was super nice and I thank him.  He said that we don’t always get a chance to stand in the light.  I liked that.  He finds a place and we are on our way.

We arrive and take a shower.

Earlier in the week I had downloaded SG’s new book on my Kindle and had been reading it.  in the morning I am reminded of the ashram in Tennessee.  I ask my wife if she would mind going and she says yes.  She is so great.  Some of the following is from my email correspondence.  The full email is at the end.

It was amazing to see the structures and hear about the campus.  They gave us a tour and we saw the large meditation hall and the abode of yoga which is a tribute to Adiyogi, the first yogi.  The energy of the place was great and I sat in the abode and gave a water offering,

I seriously contemplated staying there overnight, but we had hotel reservations paid for and I think my wife was getting tired and restless at the end.  We did the Isha Kriya meditation that was basically the video on YouTube and we meditated in the Abode of Yoga.  The volunteers there were very nice.  We interacted with Archina to give us the tour and Jim at the abode.  They both live on campus.