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In the physical world, I can pretty much get and do anything that I want, but there is a specified set of steps to get there.  If I want to be at the beach I have to: buy an airplane ticket, rent a car, go to the airport …. and then I will eventually be at the beach.  My ability to travel from here to the beach is within an acceptable level of reality.  I know that it can happen.

But all of that is just thought.

Outside of the moment.

Defining the moment destroys the moment.

You can’t name the moment.

It exists without name.

Because really you are already there.  You are already everywhere.  The mind is making up something from this moment to points in the past and future.  The events to get sequentially to this point or that point are all held within the mind.  The mind imposes limitations on the perceived reality based on past thought patterns and future projections.  But the mind says “Events have to have transpired for me to be at this point.”  It demands to stay in control.  And the more it is in control, the more that it determines what you will experience.

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Perceiving the Bull

I keep seeing projections of myself in others

Telling my son to stop talking while watching a movie

Is like telling my thoughts to be quiet

I yell at my wife for playing on her phone instead of being present

I see myself wandering off

My mind not in the moment

The flaws that I see in others are issues that I have with myself



If I can accept others how they are

I can accept myself

If I can overcome judging others

I can stop judging myself

The moment is just the moment

Without want for something else

Without projecting into the future

Or decaying into the past

If I find myself thinking about the future

I try to think positive

Better to not judge either way

When one hears the voice, one can sense its source. As soon as the six senses merge, the gate is entered. Wherever one enters one sees the head of the bull!

All sounds heard as something that is happening

No influence applied

No identification made

Sounds happening without source

Everything is a synchronicity

Timelines are formed as causality is applied

Going from nothing to something

Strings of moments floating around through all possibiilities




But sounds are just sounds

Everything external is not influenced by the observer

Everything internal as well

The observer observes

Sounds happen

Thoughts happen

To hear the voice of thought

To actually hear the voice and not overlay it is to perceive the bull

The Bubble

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

All possible futures

From all possible pasts

Each moment dies

Each moment I die

A break in consciousness

Adrift on a thought through past and future

I am pulled back to this now

While I was gone my body remained

Am I returning to the same body?

To the same situation?

Gradual change is difficult to realize

It can be mistaken for no change

But when taken all at once

It represents a total shift in consciousness

A new perspective

Assume nothing from the perceived past

Expect nothing from the imagined future

The point exists on its own

Without tether in any direction

A whole bubble existing on its own

A bubble the size of the entire known universe

At that given moment

A slice in time across the cosmos

Floating on its own

How is that possible?

All slices, points, bubbles existing on their own

Without tie to anything else

And this is one

And we are here

Experiencing the bubble

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Paradigm Shift

Bender of Futurama

Do you ever feel that technology is preparing us for an extremely huge paradigm shift?  Show a smart phone to someone from 100 years ago and they would think that you are performing black magic.  It feels like we are being prepared for some sort of mental leap.  How much are we willing to accept?  I just more and more see some merging of man and machine.  Kurzweil predicts it and it really doesn’t feel that far off.  A singularity.  A literal physical connection between man and machine.  A physical and electrical connection to everyone that is part of the grid.  And maybe it will even become organic.  It will touch every particle in the universe.  Maybe it has already happened and we are just remembering it now?  Sort of like Bender getting an upgrade.

Bender: Woof. If that stuff wasn’t real, how can I be sure anything is real? Is it not possible – nay, probable – that my whole life is just a product of my or someone else’s imagination?

Technician: No. Get out. NEXT!


It is definitely something about patterns.  I keep seeing myself in old pictures and I am judging how I look.  Or am I seeing myself for how I was?  Am I clinging to a thought about myself, and when is that thought occurring?  Is it a thought I had in the past and I am remembering it now?  Is it a thought in the present about how I was in the past?  Or is it a thought in the present about how I am now that I am applying to the past?  It most absolutely has to be the last one.

A thought can only occur in the present.  Since the past is not happening now, whatever image and identification that I have with it is all based on the thought of myself in the present.  I am actually deciding on a moment by moment basis what past that I need to support my current image of myself.  Then I hit on something that might be negative and I want to let go of it.  I want that image gone.  Or I find something positive and I want it to last.  The key seems to be to attach to neither.

Can the present exist as part of a pattern?  If the present were part of a pattern then it would be tied to a past to support it and a future that it is trying to predict.  How can that be the present?  The present moment must stand on its own, tied to nothing.  Does the present represent all possibilities past and future?  If so, the present represents everything and nothing, and it is outside of time.  The real question is, “What can observe that?”


Memories of the past or visions of the future represent only one possibility.  Don’t get caught up in them.  If given the choice between a positive or negative memory/thought which would you choose?  And if all possibilities are the same, does it even matter? Every possible situation leads to every possible outcome.  That means that even if you mess up, that situation can still lead itself to the best possible outcome (or at least one not as shitty as you probably imagine).  The quicker you let go of the situation, the quicker it will feel like change happens.  This allows you to move on to the next situation or moment.  Soon it may feel that everything is just a string of moments.  Or maybe just one big moment.

The Singularity Is Near

I am starting to read Ray Kurzweil‘s book “The Singularity is Near“.  He believes that there is a point within the next couple decades where non-biological thinking will exceed biological thinking.  The rate of technological change will skyrocket so quickly it will seem that change is happening at an extremely astonishing rate.  Even just looking at the past century we can plot the rate of technological change on a logarithmic scale.

Within decades of that man will begin to become one with machine.  The connection between biological and non-biological will become intimately close.  Foglets, which are nanorobots holding hands will form real world physical objects.  “I don’t really like that chair, how about a recliner?  No, in black”.  Virtual reality will form into physical reality.  Eventually we will be part of the entire Earth and start to branch out to other planets on our way to awaken the entire universe.

This is very exciting to me.  This feels like the physical manifestation of universal enlightenment.  And we all will be part of it.

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Momentary Self

Does each moment sit on its own?  No past until one is made up.  No future until we form desire.  Karma does seem inherited.  The karma we perceive we have accumulated has an impact on who we think we are in the current moment.  It paints a picture of our past that matches up with our perceptions and it generates a future based on desires.

Karma has a giver and a receiver.  To build up good or bad karma we do good or bad things to other people or ourselves.  When the self is eliminated, so is the karmic cycle.  If the environment (inclusive of ourselves and others) is a projection of the self or the self is part of the environment, then the self is everything (or part of everything) and does not stand alone.  Since it does not stand alone, it cannot be called self.  There is no self.  Without self, there is nothing to accumulate karma.

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