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Be the Flood

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

Dalai Lama

The choices we have made have brought us to this point and the people we are surrounded with are a result of those choices. They too braved out into the world and landed at the same spot that we are at, but the difference between them and us is that they have found their peace in the flood. Some are the rocks and some are the water.  That is fine for them, but we see the change. They may hold opinions contrary to ours, but those opinions are really only our own self doubt reflected back at us. We can choose to change our perspective and become the flood itself.

Become the flood that destroys.  The flood that resets everything without regard to intent.   The flood that makes way for new growth.  Become the water that nourishes the land.  The water that gives life to the planet, in turn giving its life to the solar system and on throughout the universe.  Become the constant change, and don’t let anyone, especially yourself, hold you back.

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Typically when I hear the word karma images of a birth and death cycle come to mind.  Actions, speech and thought performed in this life have direct implications on the next one.  While this larger cycle may be true, a much tighter karmic cycle is happening constantly.  The way that we interact with the world has direct and sometimes immediate impact on us.  This may be a future debt that we know is coming due or it may be an instant feeling we get as soon as the harm is inflicted.

The tight cycle still represents the birth and death of our selves.  The birth and death of our ego.  How we treat others,  including our environment, has direct implication on what the ego thinks it is.  Action kills the ego and it is then reborn with whatever karmic debt was created in the last cycle.  It is best not to judge the ego since its life is so short.



Realization that the path is laid out.

Realization that I am and have always been on that path.

Realization that everything is the path.

Realization that there is absolutely nothing to control.

I can just observe.

We all know.

We just forget.

There is nothing to forget.

There is nothing to remember.

Everything is unfolding as it should.

Your Own Best Friend

Imagine how life would be if your best friend lived your life for you. You would still be you, sitting on a cloud, enjoying a magnificent view. Your best friend would be down on Earth living life. You, on your cloud, would become your best friend’s guru. You would have a direct link to your friend’s mind and you could give advice as you read their thoughts.

From your cloud, what would you tell your friend when they worry about how they look? What would you tell your friend when they feel like they can’t handle a situation? From your cloud, you would fill your friend with confidence and help them to develop amazing habits. You could console them through heartbreak and guide them on amazing adventures.

This is the power that you have over yourself. The only thing that gets in the way is your self. How could you have such confidence in your friend, but doubts about yourself? You just need to find your cloud and become your own best friend.

Zen Mister

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