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Pattern Awareness

There is an anger inside of me that I cannot explain

It robs the current moment of the joy it should have

I look for something missing and I find it

We always find what we are looking for

But the perfect moment isn’t there

It is here

My anger comes from me wanting what I cannot have

The perfect moment outside of this one

This moment

This moment with all of its scars and stars

Is the perfect one

Everything is just a pattern

Is this where déjà vu comes from?

The recognition of the pattern can cause the pattern to change

The awareness was not there before and it is now

The awakened being sees all patterns

And exists in a patternless state

With knowledge of all patterns

Of all possibilities

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It is definitely something about patterns.  I keep seeing myself in old pictures and I am judging how I look.  Or am I seeing myself for how I was?  Am I clinging to a thought about myself, and when is that thought occurring?  Is it a thought I had in the past and I am remembering it now?  Is it a thought in the present about how I was in the past?  Or is it a thought in the present about how I am now that I am applying to the past?  It most absolutely has to be the last one.

A thought can only occur in the present.  Since the past is not happening now, whatever image and identification that I have with it is all based on the thought of myself in the present.  I am actually deciding on a moment by moment basis what past that I need to support my current image of myself.  Then I hit on something that might be negative and I want to let go of it.  I want that image gone.  Or I find something positive and I want it to last.  The key seems to be to attach to neither.

Can the present exist as part of a pattern?  If the present were part of a pattern then it would be tied to a past to support it and a future that it is trying to predict.  How can that be the present?  The present moment must stand on its own, tied to nothing.  Does the present represent all possibilities past and future?  If so, the present represents everything and nothing, and it is outside of time.  The real question is, “What can observe that?”

Pattern of Change

A fractal is infinitely complex, but each piece contains enough information to recreate the whole.  Each level is different than the original.  A cosmic spiral.  The creation and interpretation creates time and the illusion of solidity.

We are a part of the pattern.  If we see negative patterns as part of our life, we can accept them or we can change them.  Either way, we are part of the change.  Our patterns and actions at a small level influence and make ripples throughout the universe.  We can make our change positive even when at first it may seem negative.  There are no problems, there is only the situation.

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