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Easter Bunny, Karmic Burden, What Happens in Vegas and Being Alone

Yesterday in the car the kids were talking about going swimming on Sunday.  My oldest said that a lot of people go to church on Sunday, and my wife said that Catholics go on Saturday night for mass.  He then asks what is a Catholic, to which my wife replies “it is a form of religion”.   And then what is religion, and she says it is what you believe.  He doesn’t miss a beat and says “Well I believe in Santa, and the Easter Bunny.”   And it go me thinking, why isn’t there a church for Santa and the Easter Bunny?  We place them on such pedestals during the holidays and we encourage children to believe in them.  It is funny that there isn’t a full blow church dedicated to this.  Then I thought about our shopping malls.  The trees we erect, the rituals that we go through each year paying homage to Santa and EB.  Oh we have a pretty good religion going for these two already.

Santa and the Easter Bunny
Santa and EB

I am not trying to turn this into a religious post.  I honestly try to stay away from judgments like that.  Although I have to admit that when three boys all dressed the same got out of a car when we were leaving yesterday, I did say the word “cult” a little loudly.  Which is wrong.  These boys are fervent about their beliefs, so much so that they are willing to dress in slacks and shorts with ties on a hot day.  They are willing to go door to door and listen to jerks like me whisper things that they can hear.  They know what they will encounter, but they care about your soul and they are willing to give up their free time to talk you into seeing things their way.  Really kudos to them.  It doesn’t jive with me, but I try to allow everyone to have their own belief system.  All paths lead to the same destination.  I think that there is absolutely no denying that.  The path may go through multiple “lives” to get there, but it all ends the same.  Back where it started.


How ever much we feel we are bound by karma, we are bound.  That karmic burden is carried forward into the next cycle where we accumulate or hopefully deposit until there is no more left.

It is not the daily increase, but the daily decrease.  Hack away at the unessential. - Bruce Lee
Hack Away

Letting go of the unessential is tough.  “What if I need it later?” “It is a lot of work to actually get rid of it.”  The mind talks and we listen.  We throw our idea out there and the mind sits in our way playing devil’s advocate*.  But this is really just one last hurdle to overcome.  When sitting alone with the mind we are sitting alone with the universe.  When alone we cannot deny that everything that we are experiencing is only something that we will experience.  This is something absolutely unique that will never be repeated again.  And …

What happens in Vegas…

Meaning that we tell our own story.  If we make a mistake when we are alone** it is not a mistake.  It is a learning experience.  We tell our own story on how we came to be where we are.  There is no one else that can tell that exact story.  The lines cross here and there and shared stories are pretty epic, but from cradle to grave only you can tell your story.


*Holding two conflicting thoughts at once is called cognitive dissonance.

**alone where you are comfortable accepting everything around you as a projection of the self



I have been trying to open myself more to things that are outside of my comfort zone. This blog is somewhat included in that. At work I have been participating in the Secret Santa. This is the first year out of the last 4 that they have done it that I have been a part of it. The thing that does suck is that whoever has my name is not giving me anything. I am still gifting my gifts and I am willing to accept that whoever had my name forgot or I didn’t get assigned to someone. That is OK. I have still enjoyed doing the gifts and I hope that the person that I am giving to is enjoying it.

I read this post again after looking through my recent likes. It really hit home for me that putting myself into new situations or situations that I fear is helping me to grow, and I do want more. It is refreshing to hear that that if more is what I want, it is out there for me. I think that I have been caught in the strict Buddhist philosophy that all want is bad. Maybe it ultimately is, but I should not berate myself for wanting to do better in my life. I should be able to want a new house or a new car. I should be able to want to take trips. I should want to live my dreams.

Q&T's Life, Love and Food


Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and personal expression in Buddhist teachings and in my opinion it doesn’t matter whether your a Buddhist or not this principle can be applied in everyday life.

The World is more interesting when you open yourself up to things that or not in your comfort zone this is how we learn and grow reaching your personal zenith through this journey called life.

Whether in personal or business, doesn’t it feel better to open yourself up to all options that are on the table so you can attain the highest level of success, if more is what you want it’s out there for you, your on personal Zen.

As the World changes before our eyes, each day there is a new path, a new option, a new choice when you reach your destination, your Zen, the air seems fresher, the food taste sweeter and you…

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Feet – Santa – Salesmen – Keep One – Ask – Meta Memory – Superheros

I don’t really see my feet when I am walking.  I wonder if they are really there or if they are there only when I am looking at them.  It is the thought of the feet that propels me forward, not the feet themselves.  My idea of how a foot behaves in conjunction with the rest of my body that I cannot see.  Obviously, if you start with feet, then you have to move on to everything else.  Good luck.

My wife’s mom wants to take our kids to see “Rise of the Guardians” this weekend and we took a look at the trailer to see what it is about.  It looks to give a backstory to some of the mythical creatures that a lot of us believed in while growing up and then follows them on a quest to defeat the boogeyman.  It looks pretty cool and I am a little jealous that the in-laws are taking them, but they may want to see it again.  It got me thinking about what it was like to actually believe in something that seems really absurd now that we are adults.  The wonder that they feel and they see the proof that the belief exists because they get presents, or their tooth is not there the next morning.  What it must be like to have that wonder. And of course that got me drawing parallels to religions.  We see signs of something.  Something that makes us believe or things that make us not believe.  It can be blind faith, scientific fact, or years of research; but there is still that feeling that justifies our understanding of the universe.

But what if those feelings or signs are just like the presents on Christmas.  They are real to us and we have reasoned an explanation in our mind based on things that we have been told.   What if there is some force putting signs out for us?  Different signs for different people.  But at one time or another we see or feel those signs, whatever we need that proof or disproof to be.  What is the force putting those signs out there?  The only answer that rings true is the cosmos, and just like parents help give us beliefs to help experience the world, the cosmos is doing the same for us.  It is giving us what we need to experience the universe.  We are children of the cosmos.  We are the same as the cosmos itself.

It amazes me how salesmen have the ability to use words to get you to do or think what they want you to do or think.  They play to what they think you want to hear to allow you to trust them.  And they don’t have to be selling a physical product.  They don’t even have to be selling for a company.  They can just be selling themselves.

Keep at least one for yourself

If you want to know what someone thinks about you, ask.   If someone asks you, tell them.

Our memory seems to be a pointer to just a piece of the full memory.  It is minimal information that we use as a reference point.  Maybe it is just at first a feeling that we then think of a situation that reminds us of that feeling.  It stands as a marker and we expand upon that.  We make it bigger until it spawns out and suits our view of the world and ourselves.  It seems key to let go of that.  The need to identify with the feeling.

My kids are superheros.

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